Last blog??

Okay, so I think this week is going to be a little different than all my other posts.

I’m afraid this may be goodbye.

So the reason I started this blog was for a creative writing class that I started taking in the latter half of August. While in the class I was required to put a blog up every Friday, and each one had to fit my theme of reflections. To be quite blunt, when I first started the blog I thought I was going to hate it. Yet, over time I grew into my blog and I started to enjoy writing again. I had no idea how much I would come to love blogging by the end of this semester.

During this semester, I was forced to learn a lot about life, and a lot about myself. I learned that while one is living life they can’t constantly be looking into the past. The past is a blinding thing and though it does make us who we are, we must keep going and never look back. This is why I am going to stray away from my reflection pieces for now. I am seventeen years old and I have my whole life ahead of me. I can’t look forward towards my life if I’m constantly typing pieces about past experiences and observations.

With this said this blog post is a sort of a good-bye. While I am going to continue this blog, and there will continue be posts about every other Friday, this will be the last reflection blog.

Thank you to all who have followed, liked, and commented on my reflection pieces. I promise that when I figure out my new theme it wont disappoint.


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