Land in the Sky


Land in the Sky

I’m a breath of fresh air between open lungs,

I’m the crisp wave of cold after the initial plunge.

But you won’t truly see me until you open your eyes.

Hopefully when you do, you won’t mind what you see,

Because who I am can surprise even me.


I catch myself daydreaming of better things.

Inserting myself into a world where I can be free:

A place where people truly try to get to know me.

Rather than taking  me for how I appear on the surface,

They think its worth it to come near

and not just listen-

But hear my heart’s true intentions.

I float away to a place where I no longer fear what people think.

A lovely land where I no longer shrink from the people I do not know.

I’m sick of the shadows,

I need a space that glows with confidence,

Where the sun’s beams can split the seams of awkwardness.

If only that could be here.

I try to draw this dream close and keep it near,

for times like this when I feel so small.

Eventually I fall from my land within the clouds,

and my feet sink  on this God-forsaken ground.

I’m pulled under and flipped around,

I have no idea which way is up and which is down.

So I stay quiet and keep to myself.

Silently looking for someone who could help.

Because the only thing worse than sinking,

Is to be left by yourself thinking,

that you are completely alone.

This is why,

Throughout the day-

When my troubles pile up and get in the way,

I float away.

I drift off to my land in the sky,

Where the ocean is deep,

but the water’s fine.

This is my only piece of heaven that will forever be mine.

Perhaps one day,

My comfort world will no longer be needed.

And the walls I have up today will have finally receded.

I’ll no longer stumble when someone looks me in the eye,

And if someone kicks me down, I’ll get up and fight.

I’ll pick myself up and face the world down.

Because maybe,

Just maybe,

I’ll finally have my feet on solid ground.

//a little reflection from the waters of my own mind//



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