Native White Men

Native White Men

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There once was a man who grew up to soon,

His parents had been broke but nobody knew.

His Hispanic father worked in the streets

His illiterate mother slaved so they had food to eat.

As a boy he learned to hide his lack of wealth,

So he stole nice things to look like everyone else.

He wore nice watches, shoes, and pants,

He completely blended in-at first glance.

Nobody knew he worked at dawn,

Or spent his Saturdays mowing lawns.

And nobody knew he was always hungry,

Even though his belly was always rumbling.

Nobody knew he worked all night,

Or spent his school days getting in fights.

Nobody knew he got food stamps,

Or spent his money on payment plans.

Nobody knew why his grades had been low,

Or why it was college he chose to forego.

Nobody knew why this man pinched pennies,

Or why his credit cards were oh so many.

Then one day he got caught stealing,

And everyone around got a disgusted feeling.

The man cried and tried to explain,

But by then his had been made.

The man cried and told his stories of old,

He told the world of the anger in his soul.

Yet no one believed a word he said,

His false persona was in the land of the dead.

They pointed fingers at how he was mistaken,

They judged him and laughed- he was completely forsaken.

The people pointed their fingers at his mustache,

They pointed and laughed while calling him “Mexican Trash,”

They pointed their fingers at the way his accent showed,

They pointed out how they were so high and he was so low.

And they pointed and laughed until the idea spread around,

That Hispanics were less in a white man’s town.

No one asked the man why he took his great fall,

they all just screamed, “Build a Wall, Build a Wall”

Soon they were all pointing their fingers,

Until racism was more than a light linger.

Everyone’s thoughts began to shift,

Just from a man who decided to shoplift.

The Hispanic man knew this was all from his sin,

He should’ve known better than to try to fit in.

From the beginning he should have smiled and laughed,

And ignored the fact that he was on the wrong path.

He should’ve known better than to play pretend,

For no one can be as good as the Native White Men.


//reflection on how easily we abandon our humanity//

//pic creds to DeviantArt//


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