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 I can’t decide if time is speeding up or if it slows,

For the waves of life continuously ebb and flow.

Perhaps everything depends on the moon and the season,

But I’ve fallen in love with every tide against all reason.

The beaten path my bleeding heart has taken

Is surrounded by demons, but my beacon is unshaken.

I keep my faith in what I do not know,

For I weep and shake when I have no hope.

 Alone, I feel for my faith is not always in religion;

Though it is not from myself; I know I’m not the whole picture.

I’m not sure if I believe there’s a God,

but I’d like to think someone loves me, although I’m flawed.

I’m not sure if I believe we were all pre-destined for a higher purpose,

But I’d like to think this life we share is somehow worth it.

Though it’s popular to be self-deprecating and hopeless,

I’d like to think even the most cynical of minds notice

That there’s beauty in every wave of life.

That single thought is my beacon in the night.

Everyone wants to find a belief that connects them with people,

To agree and live harmoniously, I think this wish is feeble.

I believe the only thing we can rely on in this world.

Is that everyone chooses to believe,

in the hope they choose to see.

And what people choose to see,

is what creates the ripples between you and me.

//reflection on the waves of belief that ripple within//



One thought on “Waves

  1. I really enjoy how it describes how most people are sad and depressing, to the point where that’s become normal. Then, whoever narrates (I’m guessing) is trying to be happy and hopeful that they can be different and see life from a different point of view.

    Creating the ripples between you and me. (I really loved this line.)


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