My world has turned against me;

It’s a broken society,

But everyone’s too one-sided to see.

People may notice eventually,

They’ll cry out ‘How on earth could this be?’

Well, it didn’t just happen suddenly,

We were all slowly tainted with the idea of ‘better things’

Through this, I have the audacity to feel estranged.

I remain, aloof – reacting to people coldly,

Quite known for having cold feet.

It’s I who’s my own worst enemy,

I’m a clownfish getting stung by my own anemone.

In my own safe place I am hardly free,

I’m in a fish tank a little too cloudy.

I can’t see the outside,

I’m too busy pretending everything is fine.

However, this problem is no longer just mine,

It belongs to everyone in these changing times.

Everyone’s blinded by a society that’s already broken,

Hanging on every false word officials have spoken.

People are left with this preconceived notion,

That life doesn’t end; it’s merely a semi-colon.

People don’t realize the power they have could be potent,

Against every lie every government has woven,

This includes the Greeks, Chinese, and Ancient Romans-

And any other liar who needs to be blown open.

Our way of life is simply chosen,

But by who? – that’s the million dollar token.

It’s your choice.

Live in a world slowly losing its devotion,

Or begin to change a world that’s frozen-

Into a place where everyone’s eyes may finally be opened.

//a reflection on sterilized individuality//





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