Guardian Angels


A candid tea party under the trees,

was shaded by the beautiful leaves above.

These guardian angels dangled from their perches

longing to be with the voices below.

They watched,

and bloomed with loving affection,

while the children played beneath their branches-

basking under their shadows.

Although these angels tried their best,

it seemed they could never provide enough shade

to keep the children cool amidst the heat.

The small voices cried,

of the sun’s hot breath traipsing upon them-

And the sunburns that soon followed.

Together the little children stared at the clouds,

Begging for the relief of snow.

It seems they were completely unaware

Of their dedicated guardian angels

Who, so the children might have a sliver of a safe haven

They tirelessly bore the sun’s burden.

The angels tried to outstretch themselves

And mold themselves to make more shade

However, the harder they tried to keep the children happy

The more complaints they began to hear.

Eventually, the angels drooped from the despair they were hearing,

And decided they only had one thing left to do-

They called upon the cold winter wind

And, at the cost of their very own lives,

gave the children what they so desperately wished for.

The sweet, little angels happily fell from the sky-

A true martyr to the  youthful desire.

However, the single greatest sacrifice was utterly overlooked

And the children began to complain of the cold

Yet now the trees are barren,

and there is no one left to save them.

//be weary of the manifestation of wishes//



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