Growing Pains


I wish I was forever stuck within fall break-

away from the everlasting purgatory full of high stakes.

Mistake after mistake haunts me in the dark,

I worry of college applications and making my mark.

Yet, rather than dealing with it all, I spend this week staring at the bark,

of the trees, and their newly changing leaves-

drifting away from my fast paced life that’s ripping at its’ seams.

I think back my very first spring- when all was as it seems,

 and the trees in my backyard were just mere saplings.

They were weak and frail, a timid life’s inhale,

they would bend and twist in order to conquer every stormy gale.

These spring showers shaped these infants,

they all innocently survived each storms persistence.

Yet, after some time these infant trees grew a little older,

and these Adolescents began to droop their sun beat shoulders,

with each passing day the summer heat became bolder-

until eventually the world around them looked a whole lot colder.

As I now stare at these exasperated trees,

I know they too have realized life isn’t as it seems.

This is why they are beginning to shed their life-stained leaves;

for they too need a break to hibernate and sleep.

Humans aren’t the only ones who suffer from daily life-

apparently the pain of growing older hits everything in sight.

//its okay to shut down for awhile//







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