The Disgraced and Defaced


The Disgraced and Defaced

There once was a boy with a false bravado,

he masked himself, so the girl would follow.

Up the hill, it was a steady climb,

she never even noticed he was living a lie.

Soon slow and steady began to pick up pace,

Jack couldn’t keep up so he got defaced.

Yet, the mask he had worn, stained him completely through,

so when Jack fell, Jill’s kingdom fell too.

It was a mountain of expectations Jack fell down,

though warned, he still lost his crown.

He had lost himself in the girl he loved,

He couldn’t survive it, so his grave he dug.

Yet nobody warned Jill to watch her back,

She was unaware the world beneath her could crack.

Attacked, she was feeling when her kingdom shattered,

Healing is hard when you suddenly don’t matter.

So here, Jill sits- wounded and broken.

All because of what her great expectations have woven,

sure, it was Jack living in a lie,

but it wasn’t him who forced the disguise.

The problem about this whole picture,

Is the actor wasn’t Jack, it was Jill’s wishes in a mirror.

Clearer, you’ll see who we fall for all the time,

But that’s the beginning of your story and the end of mine.

//what happens when we reflect our expectations//



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